The aim of the #iamintrovert campaign was to turn what often appears a negative into a positive by admitting: “Yes, we are introverted but in no way bad writers.” Some would argue – we are better than extroverts. The campaign’s pins, logos, T-shirts, comic strips, and other design elements allowed many people to announce their affiliation with the introverted community usually less vocal in public events like book fairs. The campaign and its designs revealed the witty, self-ironic side of the Latvian character which turned out to be attractive to British audiences. As a result, over 200 publications on our project appeared in the UK media last year.


Author: Platform "Latvian Literature"


Team: Una Rozenbauma (Creative Director, Concept), Anete Konste (Copy), Reinis Pētersons (Illustrations), Aija Baumane (Design), Toms Harjo (Photo)

Jury comment

  • The #esesmuintroverts campaign uses conceptual design thinking to reverse a national stereotype and highlight its positive traits. The campaign is based on design that is oriented towards social engagement – it helps to create communities and encourages reading, attracting the attention of the public with the help of various strategic design tools, including digital, graphic and product design, as well as fashion. The campaign achieves its goals with humour and wit, and sticks in the mind. It reveals the nation’s psyche in a sincere and captivating way with a rich range of content. We hope that the campaign will continue to build on its foundations.

    Christopher Turner. Head of the Architecture and Digital Art Department, Victoria and Albert Museum, London